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Boost your brand visibility with custom printed plastic cups

Whether your café serves delightful iced coffees or milkshakes, or if you’re hosting an event, plastic cups with your logo is the perfect... Read more

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...ect way to promote your business. It’s easy to buy your plastic cups with print at Limepack - simply upload your design and complete your order, and then we’ll send you a design preview for your approval before it’s sent to production. We can deliver your custom printed plastic cups in 4 weeks from a minimum order quantity of just 1,000 pieces.

Unleash your design creativity 🎨

Thanks to our collaboration with various manufacturers, we can print plastic cups in up to 6 Pantone colours. Since we use Pantone colours for printing, you can use almost any color you can imagine for your design. You’re guaranteed to create that extra attention with printed plastic cups that make you stand out from the crowd, and your customers will remember you instead of your competitors! You can have your logo, QR code, social media hashtag or anything printed on your plastic cups - you don’t have to compromise in terms of your creativity. Since Pantone allows you to use the full color spectrum, you can be absolutely sure that your plastic cups will perfectly align with your concept and brand.

Large selection of plastic cups with logo

Our collaboration with various manufacturers allows us to offer a large selection of custom plastic cups with lids and endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your cups.

We offer the following 5 sizes that can be used for almost any purpose: 

  • 7 oz (200 ml). Great for small, quick refreshments and for handing out drink samples at trade fairs or expos.

  • 9 oz (250 ml). This size is commonly used for serving beverages like iced tea, lemonade and juice at events.

  • 12 oz (350 ml). Popular choice at cafes and burger joints, where it’s used for serving smoothies, milkshakes and iced coffees.

  • 16 oz (450 ml). In our experience, this size is a clear winner when it comes to serving beer! We use an alcohol-friendly coating in the cup, which is why it is often popular for serving alcoholic beverages.

  • 20 oz (550 ml). This cup can contain more than half a liter! Send your customers on their way with a generously sized cup they can enjoy throughout their entire walk.

Whether you’re looking for plastic cups to serve delicious lemonades, milkshakes or vegetable smoothies, we’ve got just the size you’re looking for. Present your specialities in a unique way with transparent custom printed plastic cups! 

Production in Europe

We cooperate with some of the largest plastic cup manufacturers in Europe, which gives you European quality at an unbeatable price. The plastic cups are made and shipped within the EU, which not only reduces the CO2-emissions during the transportation of the cups, but also ensures quick delivery. For smaller orders, the delivery time for our plastic cups with logo is just 4 weeks! 

How is the print made?

We use two different printing methods, pad printing and offset printing, to meet your needs in terms of quantity and delivery time. Pad printing is suitable for small orders from 1,000 pieces, while offset printing is preferable for orders over 5,000 pieces. Pad printing is also ideal for short lead times (4 weeks) and single-colour printing, while offset printing allows for multi-colour printing but with longer lead times (10-14 weeks).

Endless number of options

A transparent plastic cup gives a lot of possibilities. Add to that the opportunities you get by creating your own design on the plastic cups. If you are the owner of a café, they can be used for iced coffee, smoothie and freshly cut fruit. At your burger joint, you can use them to serve milkshakes or soda. If you own a bar, pub, or similar venue that serves alcoholic drinks which cannot be brought outside in their original container, these plastic cups are the ideal solution! Since the printed plastic cups come in so many sizes, they can be used for almost any liquid. However, we do not recommend using plastic cups for hot beverages.

Printed plastic cups are a must-have if you serve to-go beverages, no matter whether it’s iced coffee, soft drinks, or any refreshing drink. Delight your customers while boosting your brand visibility! 

Recyclable plastic cups ♻️

We aim to use less plastic in our products and offer plastic cups that are produced with 50% rPET (recycled plastic). This means that less plastic and energy is required during the production of them. The plastic cups are no different from regular plastic cups - they’re fully recyclable and can be sent to plastic recycling facilities, where they can be repurposed into new products. Instead of throwing them into the environment, we strongly encourage you to recycle the plastic cups! 

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