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Stand out from the crowd with custom ice cream cups

Why settle for dull and anonymous packaging when it can be unique? Make your name or brand stand out from the crowd with your own personalized ice... Read more

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...e cream cups with custom print! Our ice cream cups are the perfect way to differentiate your name or brand from your competitors while increasing brand awareness and creating buzz around your concept and your specialties. Order your branded ice cream cups today and complete your shop’s visual appearance!

Multi-purpose ice cream cups with logo

We offer ice cream cups with PE plastic, making them suitable for various applications such as liquids and foods such as frozen yogurt, cut fruit, ice cream, soft ice etc. Our ice cream cups are made of high quality paper from Stora Enso Cupforma, which specializes in the production of paper for cardboard containers.

Our printed ice cream cups are made of paper and can be used for numerous occasions such as corporate events and fairs to beachside ice cream stands and fruit desserts at restaurants. We set a high standard for the quality of our ice cream cups and the logo or prints embossed on them – only your imagination sets the limit!

Unlimited color combinations with full-color printing 🎨

Our ice cream cups are primarily printed with the commonly used offset-print. The color system that we use is full color-print (CMYK). CMYK is short for cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and key (black), and is the most common color system used by manufacturers of packaging with print and other printed matter. Full color-print allows us to print in all the colors of the rainbow and make use of the entire cup surface – and the price is the same no matter how many colors you choose! You thus have unlimited freedom in your design process. All our colors are neutral in both odor and taste.

Ice cream cups with your logo not only contribute to your marketing, but also the whole ambience, your visual expression, corporate identity and the whole experience of visiting your shop. Logo on your ice cream cups is the topping of your ice cream specialities that complete the taste experience!

With or without lids?

We offer ice cream cups both with and without lids. The ice cream cups without lids are mainly used by ice cream parlors, but they’re also popular among companies that participate in trade fairs and want to offer tastings in the cups. The ice cream cups with lids are made of slightly thicker paper and are typically used by companies looking to freeze their products and sell them to consumers in supermarkets.

Small, large, extra large... and in between

At Limepack, we work closely with several manufacturers, which allows us to offer you a large selection of ice cream cup sizes. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you find the perfect solution for your ice cream needs!

We offer custom printed ice cream cups without lids in 5 sizes:

  • 100 ml – Ideal for 1 scoop of ice cream

  • 150 ml – Ideal for 2 scoops of ice cream  

  • 200 ml – This is also our most used size, and it's ideal for 3 scoops of ice cream

  • 300 ml – This size is often used as the largest option in ice cream shops, as it can contain up to 5 scoops of ice cream

  • 400 ml – This size is commonly used by shops that sell frozen yogurt, where space is needed for various types of toppings

Our custom ice cream tubs with lids are available in 2 sizes: 

  • 300 ml – This size often serves as the small option for ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, but is also great for serving fruits and nuts

  • 480 ml – Primarily used for freezing and selling ice cream in supermarkets, but also used as the large option in ice cream and frozen yogurt shops

Both ice cream cup sizes have a top width of 90 mm, and the lids are also 90 mm in diameter.

Matte or glossy surface? Your choice!

We supply our ice cream cups with logo print in either matt or glossy surface. If you prefer a more rough surface with a more discreet color representation, the matte surface is the ideal choice. Should you, on the other hand, prefer ice cream cups with a vivid and shiny color rendering on your logo or print, we instead recommend the glossy surface.


Radiate class and style with a minimalist, matte design on your ice cream cups and your customer will remember your business or concept as serious and professional. Our customers often choose a more understated design when they want to ensure that the ice cream cups and their contents do not steal the spotlight from the central message, but instead serve as a tasteful enhancement that complements the essence of their business concept.


If you want your customers to remember you as innovative and experimental, personalized ice cream cups with a shiny and glossy finish are the right choice. With a glossy finish, you have a great opportunity to go all out and turn up the colors to emphasize and highlight your physical product rather than the service your company or organization offers.

Running short on time? Choose express!

Find yourself heading to a last-minute event, needing custom ice cream cups in a hurry? No worries - our express ice cream cups are here to save the day! With a fast delivery time of just 10-14 working days, you’ll be ready in time to showcase your brand while serving your delicious frozen treats! 

Our express ice cream cups come in 3 super convenient sizes: 100 ml for a single scoop of ice cream, 160 ml for two scoops, and 230 ml for 3 scoops. What’s more, you can choose between white and kraft ice cream cups to match the style that best represents your brand!

Make a green statement with eco-friendly ice cream cups

Serve your frozen treats in our BIO ice cream cups and show your commitment to the environment. We’re proud to have these cups in our range as they are one of the most sustainable choices available when it comes to ice cream cups. What sets these ice cream cups apart from the regular ones is their water-based coating made from minerals and latex instead of PE-plastic. This means they’re fully biodegradable and can be recycled with regular paper in standard recycling facilities thanks to their 92% recyclability. Choose biodegradable ice cream cups and demonstrate that your brand is dedicated to a greener planet!

Expand your selection with more designs – in smaller quantities

At Limepack we like things that are refreshing and simple – your customized ice cream cups are no exception. Forget about wasting money and being left with several pallets of unused and dust-covered ice cream cups on your hands hidden in a remote storage room. At Limepack you only purchase the quantity you need!

By ordering ice cream with minimum quantities starting from 750 pcs., you can continually renew your designs as you see fit and perhaps even match the colors of your ice cream cups with the season's latest color trends? Only your creativity sets the limit! 

Contact our Limepack team today for guidance and help with designing your own personalized ice cream cups with print.

Produced in the EU for a greener carbon footprint

At Limepack, our vision is to be as green as possible. We strive for a more sustainable world and therefore take pride in being able to offer ice cups with logo printing that protects the environment and leads to lower CO2 emissions.

We seek out and find the best manufacturers in Europe to ensure competitive prices, fast standard delivery in just 4 weeks and small minimum orders from just 750 pcs. All our manufacturers are ISO-certified, both in terms of quality assurance and sustainability. All our designed ice cream cups are manufactured in Europe, which means less CO2 is emitted during transport – good for both you and the environment! Order your customized ice cream cups with good conscience at Limepack.

Making branded ice cream cups accessible to everyone 🍦

We're committed to offering personalized ice cream cups to the many, rather than the few. If you're a small organization or business, you no longer have to worry about being left with large quantities of unused ice cream cups. We offer the lowest minimum orders on the market, starting from 750 pcs. on our BIO ice cream cups and 1,000 pcs. on our PE-coated ice cream cups.

Our team of designers is here to help you with your design and you even get a 3D-preview before your order goes into production. If you have questions regarding quality, price or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

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