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Custom printed paper bags

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Custom printed paper bags

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Being incomparably low-priced and suitable for almost all purposes, our best-price paper bags with custom print is a great addition to your business. Due to the large selection of paper bags, they are used for a variety of purposes, such as take away food and special foods. So do you want an environmentally friendly bag with your logo on it, then our custom printed paper bags are perfect for your business. 

Delivery times adjusted to your need

We offer free delivery on our paper bags in all of the UK, and if you need for an event or customer in another country we also offer free delivery in all of the EU. Our standard delivery time is 5-8 weeks, depending on how busy our production is. We can though deliver with DHL+, and you will have it between 4-5 weeks, and if you are in a hurry we can deliver with express delivery and you will have it in 3-4 weeks. But if you need it in a hurry please contact us, then we will get a delivery date for you.


Our selection of paper bags consists of 6 standard paper bags, these sizes represent the most used sizes needed for take away food. The six standard sizes we have are: 8L( 220x125x290 mm), 12L (350x170x245 mm), 16L (250x150x340 mm), 13L (250x200x260 mm), 15L (250x150x430 mm), and 24L (320x170x450 mm).

What are the sizes used for?

The large selection of paper bags allows a range of different purposes. Regardless if you have a juice shop and want to give your customers a bag for the juice and the sandwich or if you have a BBQ shop and want the customer to be able to take it to go - we have the size for your business. 

The 8L size is primarily used by cafés or sandwich shops, and then food is put in the bag and the drinks are put in a holder that the customer then can walk with. 

If you want your customers to be able to have the drinks and their food in the bag altogether, then our 12L is the most used size for this. The size is also used by some burger joints and restaurants.

The 16L does not have a handle and the size is actually really familiar to the size that you would get your burger menu in at McDonald’s or Burger King. 

The 13L is our most used size of all of our paper bags for take away food. The size is both used by cafés, restaurants, salad bars, you name it. The reason why the size is so popular is that it can easily hold a menu for two persons or more and have the drinks in the paper bag. 

The 15L is our most used size for the paper bags without a handle, and the size is especially used by burger joints because there can easily be a couple of burgers and the drinks in the bag. 

The 34L or the double up as we call it. It is just a bit bigger than our 25L, so it can keep more burgers. But it is actually primarily used by BBQ places or restaurants that make food for the family with children. 

The mentioned sizes are the most used size for our customers that make take away food. But if you have other needs for the sizes of our paper bags, then please reach out to us and we are able to customize the sizes and make them fit your needs. 

Choose between paper bags with and without handle

The six sizes give a lot of room for you to find the paper bag, that fits your purpose - But another thing you should consider about the bags is if you would like them to have a handle or be without a handle. We have four sizes that are without a handle; 8L, 12L, 16L, 24L - And then we have two sizes with handles; 13L and 15L. If you choose the sizes without handles, they are a bit longer and you then close the bag by rolling the bag a bit down. 

Get the design of your dreams on your paper bags

Our paper bags are printed with Pantone colours and you can choose between all standard Pantone colours, but if you want to use white or metallic colours, then we can do this upon request. We are able to print the paper bags in 4 Pantone colours, so no matter if you have a rather detailed design or just want to have your logo in one colour on the paper bags. And our team of designers will be more than happy to help you make it, but we need vectorized files to make the design for the paper bags. 

Since the surface of the paper bags is quite large, the price depends on how large of a printing coverage that you need. The pricing we have on the shop is for 30% colour coverage, but if you are in need of a larger printing coverage then, contact us and we will make this and give you the correct price for it. We do though often experience that the print coverage needed is only 30%. The 30% coverage is both on the front and the back of the paper bags, so you can get your logo on both sides without having to pay extra. We are unfortunately not able to print on the bottom of the paper bags.

We print our paper bags with flexo-print, and the printing plates used for this printing method are made of rubber, which makes them very durable. We are therefore able to use them many times over before having to make new ones. The printing plates are stored and saved for up to 5 years and you should only pay the cost of printing plates once when you place your first order at us. 

The background colour of the bags

One of the things that influence the appearance of the paper bags a lot, is the background colour of them due to us not being able to print all over them. We have the paper bags with two standard background colours; White and Kraft. The kraft colour is the most used background colour for more simple prints in a couple of colours since the kraft colours make the bag look very natural. The white colour is great if your design has a larger print coverage and it especially works well together with patterns and more bright colours.


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While ordering, simply upload your design. Our design team will then send you a free proof for your approval. Request changes for free, until you are satisfied.

Size8L - Grab12L - Grab16L - Grab24L - Grab13L - Handle15L - Handle
Background colourBrownBrownBrownBrown or WhiteBrown or WhiteBrown or White
With handles?NoNoNoNoYesYes
Printing methodFlexo print, 4 Pantone coloursFlexo print, 4 Pantone coloursFlexo print, 4 Pantone coloursFlexo print, 4 Pantone coloursFlexo print, 4 Pantone coloursFlexo print, 4 Pantone colours
Printing area30% on both sides30% on both sides30% on both sides30% on both sides30% on both sides30% on both sides
Minimum order quantity3.000 pcs3.000 pcs3.000 pcs3.000 pcs3.000 pcs3.000 pcs

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