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How to order popcorn boxes

By Steffen Andersen · 12. April 2020

We offer our popcorn boxes from several manufacturers in Europe, but we work with one manufacturer as a standard. These are the products we have available on our webshop right now. If there are some sizes or quantities you are in need of, then do not hesitate to contact us, and we will work with some of our other manufacturers to find the product for your needs. But let us dig into how to buy popcorn boxes from our standard product. 

Choose between 8 different sizes

Our popcorn boxes come in 8 different sizes with the following measurements:

© Limepack. Printed popcorn boxes in different sizes.

The many sizes also mean that they cover a lot of the opportunities for what they can be used for. They also allow you to choose how large size of a snack you want to hand-out at your company event, or if your cafeteria wants to have more sizes for the hungry players that have just done sports.

But of course the larger the sizes the more common it is to have more sizes for the customers to choose from – We know that we as our standard do not have sizes over 3 liters, but we can make size up till 6 liters if you need it. We do though have a minimum order quantity of 10.000 pcs. for them. 


This choice is actually just if you want/need to save time when you receive the popcorn boxes. When the popcorn containers with logo are transported they are flat to save space. So you need to fold them yourself. We can make two different types of bottom – It can be manual or automatic. The difference is that the manual one, you have to fold the 4 tabs to make the bottom. With the automatic one, it is pre-glued and you just have to press the two opposite corners to form the bottom. It is a lot faster. 


We have a minimum order quantity of 200 pcs., since the minimum quantity is so low it also means that the price pr. piece is quite high because the printing plate is a so high part of the cost for the popcorn boxes. We would recommend that you at least buy 500 pcs. or more, and even though you might use that many for one event then remember that print do not fade over time. 


We do offer several delivery options to make sure, that we are able to reach your deadline. Our standard and free delivery time are 3 weeks, but we can also delivery in 2 weeks with DHL+. And if you are in a hurry and have an event next week, we can deliver within a week, but you should contact us about the cost of it. 


We print our branded popcorn boxes with CMYK colours which means you can use as many colours in the design without the price changing. Find your inner creative soul and start making the design of your life – You can use all of the sides on your popcorn boxes in your design. If you need help making the design our design team stands at your service – We just need your logo and elements and then we will gladly make you a design draft.

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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