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How to buy greaseproof paper

By Steffen Andersen · 17. April 2020

With greaseproof paper, we work with two manufacturers which also gives you a couple of extra options and choices you should take when buying greaseproof paper. Some of the choices you should take on our category page since the two manufacturers have some different benefits. I will go through the choices you should make below.

Delivery time

We work with one manufacturer based in the UK, and their standard delivery time is 3 weeks from the approval of the design. The other manufacturer we work with is based in Austria, and their standard delivery time is 6 weeks. With both manufacturers, we can some times make them deliver a bit faster than their standard delivery times if you are in a hurry, but please contact us if you need this.


The two manufacturers do also have different minimum order quantities. Our manufacturer in the UK has a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pcs., but depending on how you choose your size you can two sizes at the price of 1.000 pcs. The manufacturer based in Austria has a minimum order quantity of 30.000 pcs., this is due to their large production set-up but it also means that their price pr. the piece is a lot lower than the manufacturer in the UK.

Coated or not coated?

The last thing you have to choose on the category page is if you want to have the paper coated or not. Our manufacturer in the UK can only make the sandwich paper without coating, whereas the manufacturer in Austria can both make it with and without coating. What does it then mean that the wrapping paper is coated? The difference is that with coating, there will be a small layer of PE plastic on the paper, so the paper is more resistant to wet food such as a juicy burger or a red steak. 


Our manufacturer who can make sandwich paper with logo from 1.000 pcs., will always print a full paper in the size of 500x335mm. But we are able to cut the paper in the sizes that you want without any extra costs. This also means that if you want the size 250x160mm, then you will actually get two pieces at the cost of one. We cannot make sizes that are bigger than 500x335mm.
Our manufacturer based in Austria does not have a standard size paper they always print, which means they will adjust the size of paper to what you are looking for. We can therefore also make wrapping paper with logo in larger sizes than 500x335mm with this manufacturer. 

CMYK or Pantone

Both the manufacturers do as a standard print the greaseproof paper with Pantone colours, which means there is a wide spectrum of colours to choose from. You can only get up to two colours in the design with Pantone colours, and if you want more than 2 colours in the design, will it be printed with CMYK colours instead. The great thing about CMYK is that you can get as many colours in the design as you want without having to pay extra. Whereas with Pantone colours you would need to pay pr, extra colour you want in the design. There are no limits in the Pantone colours you can choose from. You can also choose to get them printed in Pantone colours, where you can choose more specific colours. The printed method for the greaseproof paper with logo is offset print at both manufacturers.

How to design?

When it comes to designing the greaseproof paper – You can either choose to do the design yourself otherwise we will gladly assist or do it for you. If you want to do it yourself, you should just download the templates directly from the product you choose to use. 

Content and Marketing Manager at Limepack

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